Women's Custom Hair Pieces

Add Volume and Length to Your Hair

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Do you have thinning hair, but aren't ready for micropigmentation yet? Vitality Hair and Scalp Transformations LLC offers custom hair pieces for women in and around Cedar Rapids, IA. No matter your hair or skin color, we can customize any hair piece or extension to give you your desired look. You can also style our custom hair pieces with a flat or curling iron to ensure a flawless blend into your natural hair.

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Benefits of our hair toppers

Hair pieces can add thickness to your hair, and they can also cover up thinning hair and bald spots. Many of our clients select our custom hair extensions due to their:

  • Breathability
  • Light-weight feel
  • Low maintenance requirements
Our hair pieces will perfectly blend with your hair color and length to give you that thick hair you've been missing.